High performance and reliable engine
Brushless Alternator
Low fuel consumption
Advanced digital control system
Engine safeties & protections
Anti-vibration isolators
Heavy duty fabricated steel base frame
18 months limited warranty


Long service life
Compact size and design
10 hours day fuel tank
Simple Installation
Eco Friendly
Easy operation & maintenance
High standard quality guaranteed
After sales support and services

Standard Features

Output Ratings

Lovol powered generating sets are supplied in 3-Ph 50 Hz & 1500 RPM.


Lovol Diesel Engines are typically designed and manufactured to be equipped with generators to produce electricity at highly reliable standards for best performance.

Highly Reliable

All engine moving parts especially crankshaft and camshaft are made of alloys. Processed by high frequency hardening.

Cooling Systems

Lovol generators are water cooled. Radiator and cooling fans are designed to cool the engine in ambient temperature upto 50 degree centigrade.

Engine Filteration System

Fuel, Oil and Air filters of the engine are cartridge type and have replaceable elements. Air filters is dry cartridge type.

Exhaust System

Heavy duty industrial standard exhaust silencer with flexible pipe (supplied loose). Special construction design assures our noise level can reduced and achieve perfect level.

Electrical Systems

12/ 24 volts electrical system with automatic battery charging alternator, high capacity lead acid batteries, axial type starter motor, and battery rack mounted on generating set base frame and industrial standard interconnecting cables with terminations.

Brushless Alternator

Lovol gensets are equipped with world's leading brands of alternators. Brush-less, single bearing, flexible disc, Insulation class H and Protection class IP 23, Self- exciting and self regulation.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Fully sealed automatic voltage regulator maintains the voltage within the limit of +1% from no load to full load including cold or hot. Variations at any power factor between 0.8 lagging and unity, inclusive of spread variation of 4%.

Electrical Characterstics

Electrical design in accordance with BS500 part 3, IEC34-1, VDE0530, CSAC22.2-100, UTE51100, NEMA MG-1.22 and AS1359.

Base Frame

Complete generating set is mounted as a whole, on a heavy duty fabricated, welded steel base frame. The base frame incorporates a built in fuel tank and specially designed generator lifting points.


The engine and alternator are properly coupled by means of a SAE flange eliminating any possibility of misalignment after prolonged use. A full torsional analysis has been carried out to avoid any harmful vibration.

Anti-vibration Pads

Anti-vibration Pads are affixed between engines, alternator mounts and base frame, ensuring complete vibration isolation of the rotating assemblies and enabling the machine to be placed on an uneven surface without any detrimental effect.

Fuel System

The base frame incorporates an integral fuel tank with a capacity enough for approx. 10 hours running. The tank is supplied complete with contacts indicator, fuel fill cap with breather, fuel feed and return lines to engine and drain plug.

Gensets Control System

Engine mounted control panel is housed in a vibration isolated sheet steel enclosure with a hinged lockable door.

Circuit Breakers

3 pole moulded case circuit breaker mounted on the generating set in a vibration isolated sheet steel box with adequate access to incoming and outgoing cables.

General Arrangements

The generating set is designed and constructed for installation in a weather protected building or in a canopy.

Factory Load Tests

Each Lovol generating set is thoroughly load tested in factory for 25%, 50% , 80% and 100% loads . All protective devices and control functions are simulated and checked before dispatch.


Lovol generators are offered with 18 months and 1500 running hours limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

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